Why Replace Metal Fillings

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Metal fillings were long the preferred method of treating teeth impacted by cavities, but their usefulness has been surpassed by ceramic alternatives – and not just because tooth-colored fillings more aesthetically pleasing. Problems with metal fillings range from how they are placed to the potential toxins they contain, which is why Fresno dentist Dr. Gregory Miyake has chosen not to offer this particular type of restoration.

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Problems with Metal Fillings

Metal fillings are packed into cavities, a process that necessitates the removal of a significant amount of healthy enamel. Consequently, placing metal fillings causes additional damage to teeth already impacted by decay.

Because the metal in amalgam fillings will expand and contract as temperatures change in the mouth, these restoration can internally crack or break teeth, or to fall out completely. Worse still, the ADA finds the level of mercury in amalgam fillings worrisome enough that it recommend children and pregnant women not have them placed. Dr. Miyake believes this courtesy should be extended to all of our patients.

If you currently have metal fillings, Dr. Miyake recommends replacing them with inlays/onlays or a composite resin. These nontoxic, tooth-colored alternatives are bonded to the surface of the tooth, making them stronger and more reliable than metal fillings, and enabling them to restore both strength and beauty to your smile. Dr. Miyake would be happy to discuss these options in more detail during your next regularly scheduled visit.

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