Meet Our Dental Staff

Fresno Dentist Serving Madera, Clovis, Visalia, Tulare & Nearby Areas in California


I am an experienced Registered Dental Assistant who takes pride in helping Improve the health and esthetics of our patients' smiles. It’s a pleasure working in an office where we are able to connect with our patients on a personal level. I'm happy to offer a "hello!" as I take you back for treatment. In our office, patients are individuals, not just another mouth to work on. I enjoy being able to ask our patients how their daughter's wedding was last month, how big the fish was they caught on that trip to Alaska, or thanking them for advice on a good book or restaurant they suggested. Patient care is vital in a dental practice, especially when we hear stories time and time again of people having traumatic experiences in other offices. I'm proud to be a member of Dr. Miyake’s team, where our patients and their comfort is of utmost importance.

When I'm not in the dental office, you can find me in the great outdoors, soaking up the sunshine while doing my favorite activities; camping, fishing, hunting, archery, shooting skeet, snowboarding, floating, barbeques, and playing with my two precious Labradors. The best part about any and all these adventures is I get to share them with the ones I cherish and love, my family and dear friends whom I treasure and thank God for everyday. I am blessed.


Cherie is a lean, mean, workout machine! On any given day you can find her at the gym, maintaining her healthy lifestyle. She invests the same dedication and determination in our dental practice. Cherie started her career as a Registered Dental Assistant, and came into her own as an exceptional Office Manager. Her willingness and ability to work with our patients on a personal, financial, and emotional level is unmatched.

Cherie has a contagious, positive energy that she loves to let loose on the dance floor. Give a plant water and sunshine and it will grow; give Cherie some good music and watch her rhythm and smooth moves come to life as she dances the night away. Her moves are as saucy as her well put together wardrobe, and her smile is one of her best accessories.

Cherie is devoted to her family and brings that love and compassion to work, creating a home-like feel for our patients and staff. She is a valued member of Team Miyake.



Lynnelle was born and raised in Sacramento, California. She moved to Helena, Montana in 1986 to attend dental hygiene school at Carroll College and graduated in 1988 with a Bachelor's Degree. After college, Lynnelle moved back to California to start her career as a Registered Dental Hygienist. In 1992, she married her husband, Tom, and relocated to Fresno, where she began working for Dr. Miyake in 1993. As a clinician, her goal has always been to improve her patients' oral health and well being. Lynnelle finds her career to be challenging yet rewarding.

When not at the office, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She has three children ranging from elementary age to high school. Renting and watching movies or going to dinner with friends on a Friday or Saturday night is not unusual for the whole family.

Lynnelle can also be found volunteering at her childrens' schools or with the Assistance League of Fresno. She serves as a Sunday school teacher, co-leader of Vacation Bible School and is involved in various other committees at her church. Lynnelle is also a member of the church's Medical Mission team which provides medical and dental care in Thailand.


Need a few tips to improve your golf game? Just ask our pro staff member, Midori. If you are familiar with the game of golf, you are familiar with the term "handicap", which refers to a margin of error in a player's golf game. In our office, Midori has no handicap; she invests as much precision and drive into our practice as she does on the greens. In golf you have drivers, chippers, putters, and more, each being important in different situations. Midori’s multitasking abilities are very similar to the contents of a golf bag; one minute you can find her in the front office, helping with insurance and scheduling. The next, you might find her helping Dr. Miyake with anything from x-rays to impressions because, in addition to her front office skills, Midori is also an experienced Registered Dental Assistant. She'll always greet you with her sweet and soft spoken disposition upon your arrival.

When Midori isn't on the back nine, she’s spending time with her friends and family. Especially her husband Dean; whether it’s fishing, golfing, or yoga you can find them spending quality time together. She also loves to collect recipes, so be sure to share your favorite one when you come in for your next check up. If it happens to be desserts, don' t worry, we will just remind you to brush and floss.


Nancy is our classic beauty, her Betty Page appearance, paired with her Betty Rubble laugh can put any nervous patient at ease. It's a tad cliche to say, you are in good hands when in Nancy's care, but it couldn't be more true. She has that nurturing and loving touch, that you thought only your mother could give. She is a seasoned Registered Dental Assistant which you will clearly experience during your treatment. Her vast dental knowledge accompanied by her motherly manner, makes for an anxiety free visit. If you are confused about a procedure, Nancy is happy to take the time to discuss the treatment in further detail, while offering you a blanket when cold, a neck pillow for comfort, or making calls to our labs to insure your crown or appliance is ready in time for a special event. Nancy's skills are sharp and fine tuned, yet she is always eager to learn more about the ever changing practice of dentistry, such as the continuing education classes on dental implants and more.

Nancy is a unique soul who endlessly devotes her time and love to her fiance, Kevin and their two children. You can find her at home planting a garden, baking cupcakes, jarring jelly, or whipping up a homemade remedy, but don't let this1950's housewife fool you. She is sugar with a whole lot of spice. One of her favorite quotes was said by the infamous Mae West "You only live once. But if you do it right, once is enough." Nancy has a passion for living life to the fullest, and does so, to the beat of every genre. She loves music, especially when the hypnotic tunes are being played by Kevin's band. Dancing the evening away, she will shake, rattle, and roll, until last call, then wrap it up by jumping on the back of their Harley and riding into the night. A motorcycle isn't her only means of transportation, whether it be a plane, train, or automobile Nancy loves to explore. If you have a hard time finding her, she might be on an adventure in Amsterdam, jamming to jazz in New Orleans, on the beach soaking up the sun in Key West, or at a concert in Palm Springs. Nancy loves to travel. She is much like a sponge in the since that she enjoys absorbing new experiences, people, culture, music, and food. Her energy for life is contagious and inspiring; she shares that positive outlook and compassion, in our office with the patients and staff, we are fortunate to have her as part of our team.


Amy is a Registered Dental Hygienist in our office.   She is an upbeat, friendly person who always has a smile. She enjoys people and truly cares about them and their needs. Not only that but she cares about the person as an individual. Amy comes from a family of dental professionals. Her Dad, Uncle and cousin are all Dentists and her younger sister followed in her footsteps and became a Dental Hygienist as well.  She has always liked science and getting to know people and Dental Hygiene was the perfect field for her to do both. She graduated from San Joaquin Valley College Dental Hygiene program in 2000, and is laser-certified.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, her husband Jason and her two girls. She spends time with their sports-related activities, church activities and spends time volunteering for community homeless animals through a no-kill rescue group. When she can find the time she also enjoys outdoor activities such as jogging and gardening.