General Oral Hygiene

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Healthy teeth and gums are the cornerstone of a beautiful smile. What’s more, a healthy mouth is also linked to overall health, making a good general dentistry routine essential for your optimal wellbeing.

Fresno dentist Dr. Greg Miyake has over three decades of experience helping people of all ages maintain good oral health. Taking time to visit Dr. Miyake every six months for professional cleanings and examinations is one of the best ways to care for your smile. However, good oral hygiene really begins at home.

Your Home Routine

You probably know that proper brushing and flossing are necessary to keep plaque and food particles from causing tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. What you may not know is how to best perform these tasks.

Brushing your teeth should be done with a soft bristled toothbrush. Soft bristled toothbrushes are fully capable of removing plaque and surface stains, but will not damage your enamel. Make sure you are using a fluoride toothpaste when you brush. Fluoride inhibits acid creation and helps remineralize teeth. Brush for one to three minutes after every meal and snack.

Flossing should be done at least once a day, but preferably twice. Because floss knocks loose odorous and damaging particles from in between teeth, it should be done prior to brushing. Flossing before you brush allows your toothbrush to fully remove those particles from your teeth. To be an effective tool against gum disease, flossing should be done in between every tooth, all the way down to the gum line.

Biannual Examinations

Compliment your home routine with biannual examinations at our office. The frequency of these visits allow Dr. Miyake to detect any potential oral health issues while they are still small, helping avoid problems such as root canals and tooth loss.

If you live in the areas of Fresno, Clovis, or Madera, California and would like more information about good oral hygiene, please contact Gregory G. Miyake, DDS to schedule an appointment today.