Instant Orthodontics

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Cosmetic malocclusion can detract from the quality of your smile. Common cosmetic dental problems such as gaps and spaces, crooked presentation, and uneven shapes and sizes can also impact some bite and chewing functions, and cause uneven wear on adjacent teeth. If you are struggling with cosmetic malocclusion and interested in a fast, safe, and minimally invasive way to address it, Fresno cosmetic dentist Dr. Gregory Miyake may have just the solution you have been looking for.

To learn about your cosmetic dentistry options in Fresno and surrounding areas of California, please contact Gregory G. Miyake, DDS online or by calling 559-224-0103 today.

What are Instant Orthodontics?

Instant orthodontics are cosmetic treatments that can, within just a few short weeks, produce a straight and flawless smile. Cosmetic dentistry treatments that may be included in instant orthodontics include:

Depending on your needs, these services may be combined with other cosmetic and general treatments for a complete smile makeover. Dr. Miyake can discuss this option with you in greater detail during your cosmetic dentistry consultation.


If your malocclusion is too pronounced to be effectively dealt with through cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Miyake may recommend Invisalign® for the perfection of your smile. Made of soft clear plastic, Invisalign aligners gently move teeth into their optimal position over a treatment period of six to 24 months. While not as fast as instant orthodontics, Invisalign is capable of addressing more severe bite issues and restoring a straight and strong smile in a fraction of the time required by braces.

No matter which orthodontic solution is best for you, Dr. Miyake is here to help you protect and perfect your smile. Please call 559-224-0103 today to schedule your consultation with our Fresno cosmetic dentist and learn which option will best meet your needs.