What Does the Dental Implant Process Entail?

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Mon, 07/31/2017

Clovis dental implantsIf you're missing a tooth (or multiple teeth), replacement is vital, and it needs to happen as soon as possible. For many of our Clovis-area patients, that means dental implants, which represent a durable, long lasting tooth replacement option.

However, many patients are a little wary of this tooth replacement option because they're worried about the process of placing dental implants. They've heard horror stories, and they're afraid of what lies ahead if they choose this course of action.

We want to address those concerns. Every patient is unique, but here's the broad outline of what you can expect from your dental implant process:

  • First, we need to evaluate you to ensure you're a good candidate for implants – you have enough bone density in your jaw to support an implant and your gums are in good health.
  • Once we've determined implants are right for you and we've made all of our preparations, we will place the titanium implant deep within your jaw during a surgical procedure.
  • Then, we wait between three and six months for the implant to fully integrate into your jawbone – this process is known as “osseointegration.”
  • Once osseointegration is complete and the implant has fully fused with your jawbone, we place a small titanium rod, called an abutment on the implant. The abutment will connect the dental implant with your prosthetic tooth.
  • Dr. Miyake will take an impression of your tooth and bite which will be used by the lab in creating the dental crown that will be used as your replacement tooth.
  • Once the crown has been completed by the lab, Dr. Miyake will attach it to the abutment. At this point, you'll be able to enjoy all the benefits of your fully functional replacement tooth.

Now, we won't lie to you. As you can see, this process definitely requires a significant investment of time. But that is a key reason why dental implants are so strong and durable – your implant will be firmly rooted in your jawbone, a claim other tooth replacement options cannot make.

If you live in or around Clovis, California and you have questions about dental implants, please call Dr. Gregory G. Miyake today at 559-224-0103 for a consultation and examination.