What is Black Hairy Tongue?

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Tue, 03/29/2016

Do you have black hairy tongue? Call Fresno dentist Dr. Gregory Miyake at <a href=559-224-0103 to learn how we can help" src="/sites/www.smilesbymiyake.com/files/Treating%20Black%20Hairy%20Tongue.jpg" style="width: 300px; height: 451px; float: right;" />Black hairy tongue is a cosmetic condition caused by excess yeast and bacteria on the tongue. While not harmful, black hairy tongue can be very alarming to see and is not an issue most of us want to have visible to others.

What causes black hairy tongue? Most often, a poor oral hygiene routine. However, smokers, people who drink a lot of coffee or tea, and those who consume several colored sodas can develop this condition even when a solid daily oral hygiene routine is intact. Oddly, mouthwash containing peroxide – intended to whiten the teeth – can also cause black hairy tongue.

What can be done about black hairy tongue? If you smoke, stop. Immediately. That habit alone contributes to more oral health problems – including gum disease, halitosis, and tooth decay – than any other. You can also reduce your consumption of brown-colored beverages (especially those with artificial coloring) and refrain from using mouthwash with peroxide. Brushing after every meal and snack and flossing twice a day will help as well. So too can adding tongue scraping to your daily routine. Tongue scrapers are available at nearly every supermarket and drug store and are very simple to use.

If your black hairy tongue fails to respond to at-home care, please contact Gregory G. Miyake, DDS online or by calling our Fresno office at 559-224-0103 to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help. Dr. Miyake welcomes patients from Clovis, Tulare, Madera, and all surrounding areas of California.