Is Teeth Whitening Right For Me?

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Fri, 04/28/2017

Teeth whitening treatments in Clovis CA

If you live in or around the Clovis area and you're looking for teeth whitening that's more extensive than what you can achieve by brushing, flossing and basic dental hygiene, then there's a very good chance that a teeth whitening treatment from Dr. Miyake is right for you.

We offer a number of teeth whitening treatments, both take home and in-office. These treatments all have their advantages and disadvantages. However, we only offer safe, proven treatments, and this means that you can have confidence that our teeth whitening treatment will safely achieve your goals.

Our whitening treatments don't have elaborate requirements. Put simply, most patients are good candidates for a teeth whitening treatment.

There are some pre-conditions for ideal teeth whitening candidates. You need to be in good overall health and suffer from no active infections. This is particularly true when it comes to gum disease. If you suffer from gum disease or some other oral health condition, we will need to address that problem first before moving forward with teeth whitening.

If you live in or around Clovis, California and you have questions about teeth whitening, please call Dr. Gregory G. Miyake, DDS today at 559-224-0103 for a consultation and examination.