Teeth Whitening in Fresno

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Wed, 10/03/2012


If tooth stains or discoloration are detracting from the appearance of your smile, a professional teeth whitening solution from Fresno cosmetic dentist Dr. Greg Miyake may be just the solution you have been looking for. Unlike store-bought teeth whitening kits that provide inconsistent results while increasing your risk for sensitivity, the professional solutions offered at our office are safe and effective, and can produce results that exceed your expectations.

Teeth Whitening Options

For patients who want immediate results, Dr. Miyake offers the ZOOM! Teeth Whitening System. With in-office ZOOM!, Dr. Miyake can safely whiten your teeth up to eight shades in one short office visit. Penetrating deep into your enamel to remove even the most stubborn stains, ZOOM! in-office whitening is considered one of the most effective teeth whitening solutions available today.

If you prefer the comfort and convenience of teeth whitening at home, Dr. Miyake also offers ZOOM! Teeth Whitening kits. These kits come with customized application trays that evenly apply the bleaching solution to every tooth while minimizing contact with your gums. The customized trays and professional strength bleaching solution make ZOOM! Teeth Whitening kits vastly superior to store-bought kits, and the follow-up appointments with Dr. Miyake can help ensure your ultimate comfort and satisfaction.

To learn more about your teeth whitening options in the Fresno, Clovis, or Madera areas of California, please contact Gregory G. Miyake, DDS to schedule an initial consultation today.