Symptoms of Gum Disease

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Tue, 06/24/2014

In its earliest stages, gum disease may be all but unnoticeable. A slight reddening or swelling of gum tissue may be present, but this often remains undetected until more significant problems occur. While this stage may remain undetected at home, Clovis dentist Dr. Gregory Miyake can easily spot these symptoms during your routine checkups. When caught this early on, treatment may require little more than improving the consistency of your daily brushing and flossing routine.

As gum disease progresses, gums may begin to bleed easily when brushing or eating crunchy foods. At this stage, prescription mouthwash may become necessary to reduce infection. Left untreated, gum disease may result in chronic bad breath, a bad taste in the mouth that will not go away, and the appearance of pus between teeth. This indicates more advanced stages of gum disease and may require scaling and root planing to treat.

Advanced gum disease will result in gums pulling away from teeth, teeth becoming loose and shifting out of place, and eventual tooth loss. These things can progress to other serious issues including bone necrosis and increased risks for systemic illness and disease. Gum disease that has progressed to this stage may require surgical intervention to treat.

The best way to avoid serious problems from gum disease is to catch and treat it early on. If you live in or around Clovis and are overdue for a dental exam, please contact Gregory G. Miyake, DDS to schedule an appointment today. Dr. Miyake serves Clovis and surrounding areas from our comfortable Fresno office.