Replacing Metal Fillings in Clovis

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Mon, 01/13/2014

There are a number of problems with metal dental fillings. Most obviously, metal fillings detract from the natural look of your smile. More worrisome, metal fillings expand and contract with temperature changes in your mouth. Over time this allows metal fillings to crack or break teeth, or to come loose and fall out.

Clovis dentist Dr. Gregory Miyake is pleased to offer our patients the option of replacing metal fillings with tooth-colored alternatives. This is something that can be discussed in more detail during your regularly scheduled appointments at our comfortable dental office.

Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings can be shaded to match teeth in color, allowing them to fit unnoticeably into your smile. What’s more, these fillings are bonded to the surface of the tooth and do not expand or contract with temperature changes in the mouth. This allows tooth-colored fillings to stay in place and eliminates the risk of further damaging a tooth.

Our Clovis dentist uses tooth-colored fillings to address initial decay on a tooth, but can also remove metal fillings and replace them with this stronger, more appealing solution.

To discuss removing and replacing your metal fillings, please contact Gregory G. Miyake, DDS today. Dr. Miyake serves Clovis and surrounding areas from our conveniently located Fresno, California office.