Over 60 Percent of Adults in California Report Visiting the Dentist Last Year

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Mon, 05/26/2014

State-by-state numbers released by Gallup show that 64.6 percent of adults in California report seeing a dentist for routine dental care at least once last year. This number is higher than many states, but slightly below the national average – although California still ranks among the top ten states with the healthiest teeth.

Regular visits to the dentist are important for both the health and beauty of your smile. These visits give us an opportunity to professionally clean and polish your teeth, and allow Clovis dentist Dr. Gregory Miyake to detect minor oral health concerns before they become serious oral health problems.

Biannual Visits

While even one visit every year is good, two is ideal for optimal oral health. Tooth decay and gum disease can both occur quickly and, when not detected early on, may produce significant oral and systemic health problems. The best way to avoid unnecessary complications is through frequent cleanings and examinations with our experienced Clovis dentist.

If you are overdue for a dental cleaning and examination, please contact Gregory G. Miyake, DDS today to schedule an appointment. Dr. Miyake provides individualized dental care to men and women living in Clovis, Tulare, Madera, and surrounding areas of California from our conveniently located Fresno office.