Cavity Prevention with Weeds?

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Mon, 07/28/2014

A new analysis of remains in a pre-Mesolithic burial site in Central Sudan has uncovered something remarkable: only one percent of the skeletons studied show signs of tooth decay. Researchers believe this is due to the bacteria inhibiting properties found in the purple nutsedge – a plant native to the region that may have been used as both food and medicine.

Whether or not this ancient people used purple nutsedge to intentionally prevent cavities is unknown. However, nutsedge has been used throughout Africa, India, and China as a form of medicine for millennia and it is possible that ancient Sudanese cultures were aware of its benefits.

Modern Options

You may know purple nutsedge as a noxious weed and most likely don’t want to start eating its tubers to fight cavities. Fortunately, modern dentistry practices allow for cavity prevention without restoring to weed eating, offering methods that are more pleasant and effective. Tulare dentist Dr. Gregory Miyake is pleased to offer state-of-the art treatments that can not only help prevent cavities from forming, but also keep your teeth bright and beautiful for a lifetime. He would be happy to discuss ways you can keep teeth healthy, strong, and brilliant during your next regularly scheduled cleaning and examination.

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