Is Beer Good for Your Teeth?

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Wed, 07/06/2016

Beer is, for some, an inextricable part of summer. At BBQs, in the mountains, on many of the patios in our Tower District and beyond, beer is inseparable from summertime fun. But is this love affair with beer good or bad for your teeth? In truth, it’s a bit of a mixed bag.

Craft brews high in hops barley are also high in silicon and calcium, both of which are essential for strong healthy teeth. The trade off? The acid content of carbonated drinks like beer can actually cause demineralization of the teeth, weakening enamel and increasing risks for cavities. What’s more, the darker the beer, the more likely it is to stain or discolor teeth, allowing those super malty or stout choices to gradually darken the smile. However, before you forswear darker suds for something paler, remember that dark beers typically contain a lower ABV, which may help minimize erosion damage to teeth.

Beer can be simultaneously good and bad for oral health. Moderation and a good oral hygiene routine are the best ways to prevent the bad from causing tooth loss and other serious problems

In the end, the same goes for beer as anything else: use your best judgement and take steps to protect your teeth against staining and decay. If you maintain a healthy daily oral hygiene routine complete with brushing and flossing, even daily consumption of moderate amounts of alcohol will likely have only a negligible effect on the teeth. Combine responsible consumption and daily care with biannual visits to our Fresno office to help ensure any problems that have occurred – alcohol related or no – are addressed early on, before they become serious oral health problems.

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