Advantages of Dental Implants

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Fri, 07/12/2013

Dental implants can enhance the look of your smile and provide the functionality you need to eat the foods you enjoy and speak without impediment. Choosing dental implants has many advantages, including:

  • Long-term solution. Dental implants will generally last longer than other restorative solutions. They can last for decades with proper care and regular dental checkups.
  • Durable and strong. Implants provide a strong, tooth-like structure that will reduce the load on your other teeth and help to maintain your overall oral health. They are attached to your jaw to provide good bite strength and function.
  • Preserve natural teeth. Adjacent teeth do not need to be cut down for implant placement, so dental implants will allow you to keep more of your original tooth structure than traditional dental bridges.
  • Easy to clean. You can brush and floss dental implants just like your natural teeth. There is no special routine to follow to keep up with your oral hygiene.

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